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Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines (LAMAVE) - Bohol Sea
We are a non-profit marine conservation organization working in and around the Bohol Sea in the Philippines. Check out some of our projects with marine mammals, whale sharks and sea turtles. Report a whale shark sighting, see what we have been doing to train local people in marine wildlife stranding response or watch a video. Learn how you can help promote environmental awareness of large marine vertebrates in the Philippines!

Whale sharks of the Philippines travel to Canada (in photo form)

Whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu, PhilippinesOn January 10th, LAMAVE researcher Josh Silberg was invited to give a public lecture about whale shark eco-tourism in the Philippines in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Over 80 people attended the Nature Vancouver event and the capacity crowd asked engaging questions about whale shark biology and the effects of human interactions with these magnificent creatures. Increased awareness about whale shark issues around the world is critical. Conservation of many shark species will be discussed at the upcoming Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Conference taking place in Bangkok from March 3-14. The Philippines represents a crucial swing vote at this meeting on many conservation issues. If you are interested in helping raise awareness for shark issues in the Philippines visit www.sharkdefenders.com.

Josh is currently a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Call for Volunteer for Whale Shark Research


The Large Marine Vertebrate Project Philippines is looking for 2 volunteers to start in January and in February.
Minimum stay is 4 weeks.

Whale shark research in Oslob:

The project has been running since March 2012 and has been assessing the management and potential effects of whale shark tourism and provisioning (feeding). Whilst we have been working closely with the LGU there is need for continued assessment and data collection during whale shark interaction.

Each volunteer will have one day off a week.
Hours may include evenings and weekends as needed


 Duties and Responsibilities:
Volunteers may be involved in the following:
• Preparing equipment and materials for fieldwork
• Assisting researchers in whale shark photo-identification
• Observing the whale shark’s behavior during interactions
• Observing and gathering data on the implementation of the interaction guidelines and tourist compliance
• Data entry
• Conduct seminar and movie screening to raise awareness throughout the local population

Volunteers must meet the following requirements for application:
• 18 years old and above
• Interest in whale shark biology, research, and conservation
• Ability to work well both independently and in a team setting
• Ability to work for long hours, possibly up to 12 hours, including being in the water for 3 hours a day.
• Excellent swimmer

- Volunteers must have their own snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins) or be willing to rent. It is also advised that they bring a wetsuit, or equivalent.

Please send your CV and a letters explaining your interest and the date you will be available to:

Gonzalo Araujo - g.araujo@lamave.org
Daniel Geary - d.geary@lamave.org

If you decide to volunteer for less than 8 weeks, we require a small contribution to cover your expenses relative to food and housing. More detailed information will be sent to selected candidates. Any insurance should be covered by the volunteers. Please specify if you are a biologist or a student and we will try to facilitate the paperwork with your University. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or to develop a thesis or project with us.

For more information about the project and Physalus visit www.lamave.org and download the latest activity report.