In response to today's Sun Star Cebu article regarding Physalus and the LGU of Oslob

"The municipal government has also entered into an agreement with Physalus, a group of researchers, to conduct a study on the unique behavior of whale sharks in Oslob. But he has yet to receive a report from the group."

The report from Physalus was presented, printed and given to the LGU, BFAR 7, PAWB 7, the Provincial Government in May 2012 after the first 45 days of research in the water.
 Cover of the report submitted in May 2012 to the LGU and DENR-PAWB Reg. 7
A copy of the report signed and dated by the Mayor of Oslob will be uploaded soon.

The report, that included observation on the compliances with the Whale Shark Watching Ordinace  and scientific data on the presence and behavior of the whale sharks in Oslob, has been presented to the TOWSFA, The Mayor Of Oslob, The Municipal Council, DENR-PAWB Region 7 and ICRMP on several occasions, the latest of which was 2 days ago in a meeting with the fishermen association (TOWSFA) in Tan-awan.

L-R: Volunteer Kat Bolina and Principle Investigator Samantha Craven reporting the results of the research and possible long term consequences to TOWSFA, The Mayor of Oslob, Municipal Agriculture Officer and representatives from the Municipal Tourism Office in Tan-awan Elementary school on 27th August 2012.

We really hope that the statement is due to a miscommunication between the Sunstar journalist and the representative of the LGU.

Dr. Alessandro Ponzo
President of Physalus

This is the source of the Sunstar article.